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House Painting Hacks Your Going To Love

Published / by Agnus


Today I got painting tips for you.

These are hacks that are really cool and very easy and you don’t want to miss them for your next house painting Pittsburgh project.

We’re gonna grab dust with our hand master when we’re cutting a hole in wall.

Pretend we have an imaginary hole we’re dealing with.

I’m gonna show you how you can catch the dirt and stuff.

Using a hammer, put a piece of paper on the wall.

Then put up to the hole and fold the paper in half.

Now take a piece of tape and bring the paper up and put it in a slight angle.

Now do the same thing to the opposite side.

This is going to create a nice handy catch basin for everything that comes out of this hole.

When you are cutting or sanding handy tip of the day.

When I show you the corner wall or this is an absolutely amazing roller.

This is what’s different about the quarter plus roller then any other wall or one end of the roller is completely covered over.

This makes it doing cut ends simple and easy.

Your corners don’t have to be brushed and your walls and the ceiling corners don’t have to be brushed.

At first its the same color combined with an extension pole.

It is gonna fit make things fast and easy as the corner plus roller comes in polyester.

It also comes in a microfiber roller and has three-quarter ends.

This is a must-have for any do-it-yourselfer or a professional painter today.

So now let’s talk about spraying paint on your walls.

Ever wonder how you can do this without overspraying?

Well today is you lucky day. I’m going to tell you a great tip on how to keep overspray paint from running down your walls and making your paint job look absolutely horrifying.

So let’s say you need to spray your trim. So get some tape and line it around the trim. Now the paint will run down on the tape. When you remove the tape you’ll have crisp lines without the runs!

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