How do you inspect a roof?


Starting from the top, first and most obvious, look for missing or damaged shingles (corners bent up or missing, unusual raised sections, small peaks in a few shingles). Look for stains that don’t match the rest of the roof as these may indicate a leak. Now if you don’t want to inspect the roof yourself, you can always hire a professional online through websites like

Those stain spots may not be an actual stain, but rather a spot where the tiny grains are worn off. Compare one side of your roof to the other as often the side that faces the prevailing weather will wear more quickly than the other side.

This will typically take several years to recognize. Now look for sagging spots, if you’re lucky, this may just be roof frame irregularities but then wow, bad construction technique! Next check for any vent pipe penetrations showing cracked or missing sealant around base (usually black tar here). Also, what might appear as small dots or indentations when looking across the roof could indicate hail damage.

Finally, feel for soft areas if you’re brave enough to walk the roof (but please be careful if you do!)
Okay, now working downward, check the attic (specifically under any “stain” spots you may have found on the roof surface). Then look for water stains on interior walls as well as settling, cracks, and peeling paint and this includes interior walls all the way to the basement. Sometimes those nasty leaks bypass the upstairs and go right for the interior foundation! On the outside below the roof, look for deteriorated mortar joints on exterior walls, settlement cracks, facia displaced and/or windows showing signs of rot or mildew.

Finally, to the gutters with us, look for loose gutter anchors and on older roofs, massive amounts of the tiny surface grains found in gutters or at the bottom of downspouts.

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House Painting Hacks Your Going To Love


Today I got painting tips for you.

These are hacks that are really cool and very easy and you don’t want to miss them for your next project.

We’re gonna grab dust with our hand master when we’re cutting a hole in wall.

Pretend we have an imaginary hole we’re dealing with.

I’m gonna show you how you can catch the dirt and stuff.

Using a hammer, put a piece of paper on the wall.

Then put up to the hole and fold the paper in half.

Now take a piece of tape and bring the paper up and put it in a slight angle.

Now do the same thing to the opposite side.

This is going to create a nice handy catch basin for everything that comes out of this hole.

When you are cutting or sanding handy tip of the day.

When I show you the corner wall or this is an absolutely amazing roller.

This is what’s different about the quarter plus roller then any other wall or one end of the roller is completely covered over.

This makes it doing cut ends simple and easy.

Your corners don’t have to be brushed and your walls and the ceiling corners don’t have to be brushed.

At first its the same color combined with an extension pole.

It is gonna fit make things fast and easy as the corner plus roller comes in polyester.

It also comes in a microfiber roller and has three-quarter ends.

This is a must-have for any do-it-yourselfer or a professional painter today.

So now let’s talk about spraying paint on your walls.

Ever wonder how you can do this without overspraying?

Well today is you lucky day. I’m going to tell you a great tip on how to keep overspray paint from running down your walls and making your paint job look absolutely horrifying.

So let’s say you need to spray your trim. So get some tape and line it around the trim. Now the paint will run down on the tape. When you remove the tape you’ll have crisp lines without the runs!

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3 things you should look for when you’re considering hiring a roofer


Do you need to hire a roofer? Are you stressed out about it? That’s totally understandable because most roofers don’t have the best reputation. So here’s 3 things you should look for when you’re considering hiring a roofer to do a job for your home or business.

First, make sure your roofer is local. Especially if you live in an area that has tons of storms. Also, make sure they have the technology needed to put your roof on in your area. But, be careful. Roofing contractors today can look like they’re local, but really they are not. They do this by taking out a local phone number and printing up fake business cards that can say pretty much anything they want because they’re not regulated. So do some digging and make sure they have customers near you that they have serviced and that they’ve been in your area for awhile.

Second, make sure the roofing contractors you’re looking at all have insurance. You want to see it with your own two eyes. Don’t just take their word for it. Basically, any roofing contractor worth their weight will have no issue showing you the proper documentation stating that they have insurance and that you’re covered in case of an accident or damage to yourself, your home, or the roofer and their crew on your property.

Last, check their reputation out from previous jobs. Most people will not right positive reviews, so seeing a lot of positive reviews that outweigh good reviews is a good sign. But, reviews can be faked, so the best way to know if they’re real is to just read and follow your gut. Most people can spot a fake review. If you see them, and they’re only positive, this is a red flag. Also ask for three referrals from three positive and three negative reviews you find on

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How To Get Junk Removal Leads

junk removal houston

So you’re in the junk removal business and need some customers. What should you do? Who is your customer? Better yet, who is not your customer?

When trying to figure out how to drive new business to your junk removal company there a are a few things you can do to give you some focus.

The first thing is to identify who it is exactly that you are trying to get. Whose attention are you wanting? What do they look like from a business point of view? Knowing this will give you much needed insight to build your advertising. Not knowing this is a waste of your time and business capital. To figure this out make a list of all the characteristics of your ideal customer?

So for example, someone needing junk removal in Houston would probably have some junk lying around their house that for some reason they cannot get rid of themselves. So they are tired of looking at this eyesore and want it gone. So they go online and search ‘junk removal Houston‘ and start price shopping for a junk removal company to come rid them of this burden.

So from this we can see that their junk is a pain point. A pleasure is that they have a cleaner home. So by using push and pull in our advertising we can create a strong message. For example you could headline “Tired of Looking at Junk?” and then follow with pleasure “Let us make it disappear fast!” And just continue doing this push away the pain, pull towards the pleasure type of writing. For example “Come see how our results far exceed our price!” Getting results is a positive whereas price is a negative.

The next thing you need is a place to advertise. The best place is one that you can target the customer that you have identified will buy your junk removal service. After you figure out a budget find places that will let you advertise using keywords like Google, Facebook, or Craigslist.

Overcome your painting companies fears with these 3 tips

When people search painters Pittsburgh they see you.

They visit your website and read all your fancy marketing and then either pick up the phone and call you or they fill out your free quote form.

The phone rings and you answer and as soon as you hear the other person start asking questions you freeze up.

It’s ok.

Lots of people are uncomfortable talking to strangers because they are afraid for several reasons.

They could be afraid that the other person will judge them and have issues with being judged.

They could be afraid of putting themselves in a vulnerable situation because they may be used to keeping to themselves or just have a quiet demeanor.

What ever your fear the fact remains that the person on the line thinks you’re an expert painter and is looking to you to act as such.

How should a professional, confident painter act?

What are some characteristics of a successful painting company ran by confident painters that know all about painting.

The best way to overcome your fear of talking to customers is to become confident in what you do.

This sometimes can only come with time, but there are things that can take you there faster.

After completing a job ask your customers to review your work.

If you do well they will say so and this will boost your confidence.

Another thing you can do is start small.

You don’t have to take on ever job that comes your way.

You could even sell the job to another painting company to make some money if you don’t feel confident doing the job.

Generating painting leads is a legit business model.

Bottom line is to remember that you’re the profession and the caller is in need of your help and that there is no judging going on until you give them a reason to judge you.

Just be yourself and practice to improve your skills.